As Regina’s largest bridal retailer, we have made it our livelihood to know everything there is to know about becoming engaged.

You may hear that the first thing there is to know when it comes to Engagement Rings is the 4 C’s – that is, a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight.  Stop right there.  That is not where an engagement ring journey begins.  Your center diamond is very important, but what holds your diamond, what shows it off for the world to see – the ring setting, is where your search should start.

With hundreds of engagement ring styles, from dozens of designers, spanning all over Canada and the United States, you can be confident that if there is a style you are looking for, we will have it. 

Having said that, no matter how many rings we have, there will always be a customer who is looking for something so uniquely their own that we will just have to create this ring.  We have partnered with some amazing Canadian custom designers that can make anything you desire.

“But custom work is expensive.”

False.  Our designers are Canadian – so you are supporting the Canadian economy.  Like anything else, a brand name product will have a higher price than a non-branded counterpart.

“But custom work can take a long time.”

False.  Although some stores can take 8 weeks or more to make a ring for you, our team does it in 4 weeks or less.  So start planning your proposal today!


Next, we are going to look into different types of settings.  In a world where the sky is the limit for different types of settings, where do you start and how do you know what she will like.